Secure communication in the face of a real threat of cyber-attack

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Is the threat of cyber-attack real?

Cyberwar is part of the reality that surrounds us. It is fought with the purpose of causing maximum damage using the latest technologies by intentionally disrupting the interactive, organised circulation of information in cyberspace. The reasons behind it are political, ideological and economic, especially with regard to infrastructure of major importance for the economy and/or the country’s defence.

Each ICT system has been or will be affected. The question is: when?

According to the reports prepared by the Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration on the basis of data provided by the Police General Headquarters, Internal Security Agency (ABW), Customs Service, Ministry of Digital Affairs and the Ministry of Justice, cyber-attacks are increasingly ordered by foreign governments. It must be assumed that attacks on ICT systems operating in the institutions responsible for security in our country are unavoidable.

DGT Cyber Protektor – a product for a new era

Cyber-attacks can successfully block or interfere with the operation of ICT systems on IP networks. In the face of known and unknown cyber-threats, DGT has developed a solution for its communications systems, ensuring the maintenance of critical voice communication even in the event of a total paralysis of the IP network. Our customers benefit from a standard protection of the IP layer, while ensuring separation of the layer in which critical voice services are executed.

Key Features

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Innovative and unique

Modern ICT solutions today are practically completely based on IP infrastructure. Any forms of protection, such as firewall or session border controller, provide a more or less effective protection of IP infrastructure against cyber-attack. It is impossible to provide complete security against new, yet unknown attacks that expose further vulnerabilities of the IP layer. DGT Cyber Protektor, in addition to IP layer protection, offers a layer isolated from the IP, which cannot be blocked or infected by cyber-attack.



Each DGT telecommunications system can be upgraded to support DGT Cyber Protektor. The upgrade has been specially developed to enable the user to keep most of the existing infrastructure, thus reducing the costs of upgrade significantly. Each new DGT system is equipped with the DGT Cyber Protektor solution as a standard feature.



DGT Cyber Protektor is perfectly aligned with the current 2017–2020 Cyber-Security Strategy of the Republic of Poland. Despite the rapid increase in the number of cyber-threats, they are still ignored by many users. The extent of risk is so great that each system (including systems that operate in the critical infrastructure area) can fall victim to a cyber-attack. DGT Cyber Protektor ensures critical communication even in the event of a successful cyber-attack.


Layered structure – multiple protection levels

The IP layer is protected in accordance with best practices. Nevertheless, it must be assumed that it is possible to be infected or disabled. Therefore the DGT Cyber Protektor solution uses a layer that is isolated from others, based on a different technology. This layer can operate entirely autonomously, ensuring critical connectivity even if the IP layer is completely disconnected/disabled.


Technology redundancy

DGT systems use the IP technology to provide multiple services and functionalities. Voice communication is also provided by means of a standard digital switching network, which is not available in pure IP systems. WIth the right system architecture, available in DGT Cyber Protektor solution, we could speak of technology redundancy. When the IP technology fails, the other technology maintains the continuity of voice communication.


Open to future upgrades

Telecommunications is constantly evolving. New technologies are emerging, offering new opportunities, but sometimes also carrying new threats. DGT Cyber Protektor is designed to enable expansion of the system to integrate future technologies while maintaining the security of critical communications.


New functionalities

DGT Cyber Protektor solution above all provides system security, but also modern unified communications (UC) functionalities, e.g. video calls, calls via a web browser and many others, previously unavailable for many users. This has been made possible by redesigning the system and providing it with state-of-the-art hardware and software.

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