Emergency Medical Services


DGT provides radiocommunication systems, telephone and integrated communication systems, cooperating with various communication systems already in possession of individual emergency medical units.

As part of the contract signed with the Air Ambulance Service, acting as the National Center for Medical Emergency Monitoring, DGT is currently building a nationwide Integrated Communication Subsystem (DGT PZŁ). It is an integral part of the State Emergency Medical Support Support System (SWD PRM).

In the first stage, the project involves transferring the number 999 service from the current Medical Dispatch Centers to seventeen new Regional Centers and two National Centers. At the same time, fast and efficient communication between Medical Dispatchers and 112 Emergency Operators will be implemented.

The second stage of implementation will consist in attaching, to the communication system being built, all means of radio communication currently used by Dispatchers as well as those that are yet to be built. By the end of 2020, the communications system will be prepared to include existing resources, but the process of joining subsequent voivodships, due to the complexity, has been spread over 2021-2022.

After the complete implementation of DGT PZŁ, it will, together with SWD PRM, create a communication system unique in Europe and intelligent management of forces and resources. The system has been designed in such a way as to enable its constant development, introduction of new services and adding new means of communication.


Proposed products

Integration of telephone and radio communication in one telecommunication system

A telecommunications server integrating classic TDM telephony and new VoIP technologies

System komutacyjny w chmurze typu softswitch 

Rozwiązanie sieciowe, umożliwiające nagrywanie i archiwizację treści głosowych, wideo i tekstowych.

Recording of telephone, radio, telefax and modem connections

Instant connectivity between different radio systems at the action site.

Urządzenie umożliwia komunikację poza zasięgiem sieci radiowej dyspozytora, gdy użytkownicy posiadają dostęp do sieci LTE/5G.

Radio gate for DGT MCS system, integrating dispatcher telephone and radio communication

The terminal provides the user with telephone, radio and other functionalities in the DGT MCS System

Station of any workstation for conducting tasks in an interactive way

A small size console to implement telephone, radio and other functionalities provided in the DGT MCS System

Wielofunkcyjny terminal z możliwością pracy na styku UpN lub styku systemowym IP/SU-IP

Multifunctional telephone terminal for handling communications in the advice system, secretary-office or dispatcher

A versatile family of SIP phones with advanced functionality for offices of all sizes